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Clothing - Jewelry - Accessories - Sewing Materials



Homemade Food Items - Cookware - Beverage Accessories

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Home Decor - Recreation - Mattresses - Cleaning Products - Pet Products - Novelties - Games

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Siding - Roofing - Windows - Gutters - Painting - Remodeling - Air & Water Systems - Custom Built Homes


Tractors - Lawnmowers - Custom Buildings - Livestock Equipment - Agriculture Equipment

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Pools - Spas - Patio Furniture - Landscaping

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Ceramics - Glass Art - Paintings - Photography

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Soaps - Toiletries - Exercise Equipment -

Medical Equipment - Health Professionals

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Custom Woodcarving - Wood Furniture -

Wood Signs - Metal Art


About the Founder

Meet the creator of Support Iowa State Fair Vendors, Sarah Stallman

Sarah Stallman grew up in Granger, Iowa. She went to her first Iowa State Fair when she was two weeks old, and you could say that's where it all started. She fell in love with the Fair and looked forward to it every summer, attending nearly every of the 11 days. She loves bringing along friends and family and acting as their own personal State Fair Ambassador.


Sarah was also an avid 4-Her. The Dallas County and Iowa State Fairs were always the highlight of her year. She worked throughout the year on various projects, including her horses, rabbits, cats, dogs, food, and anything that struck her fancy. She advanced to the State Fair with her food, educational presentations, working exhibits, and performing in Share The Fun.


She continued to compete at the State Fair after her 4-H years in the open Food Competition, for which she usually prepared nearly 30 food items over the 11+ day span of the Fair each year.

Sarah now lives in California, but her love for the Fair still runs through her veins. She continues to come back to Iowa for the Fair as often as she can. 

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